PhD Candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University


Growing up, I never thought I would be a scientist.

I didn't have a great science education. It took me until college to realize that science is a process that enables us to ask and work to answer questions about our world. I believe that sharing science with people outside of academia is essential to encourage students to make their own scientific discoveries and to dispel misconceptions about what life is like as a scientist.

I have been involved in a number of organizations that conduct scientific outreach programs:


PlantingScience is a collaboration between a number of international scientific societies, scientists, educators, and educational research organizations. Free to teachers and schools, PlantingScience is an online learning community where scientists mentor teams of students who are completing research projects.

I have served on the Master Plant Science Team and participated in the Digging Deeper research project. I mentor student teams and serve as a liaison between teachers and all of the scientist mentors working with teams in their classrooms.



GRASSHOPR is a program of the Public Service Center at Cornell. The program invites graduate students to design a mini course for any K-12 grade level.

I developed a mini-course on biodiversity and presented it in a fourth grade classroom.

Expanding Your Horizons is a one-day conference for 7-9th grade girls that takes place at Cornell each spring. Students participate in hands-on workshops presented by Cornell students and faculty. The program aims to stimulate girls' interest in math and science through hands-on activities, and to provide girls with female role models in STEM fields.

I served as a general volunteer for EYH.

Let's Talk Science is a national organization in Canada that creates and delivers hands-on learning programs that engage children, youth, and educators in STEM fields.

I served as a volunteer educator for the University of Guelph chapter. I presented hands-on activities and workshops to local school and community groups for ages 3-18 that covered a diverse array of fields including physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology.


+ Your classroom or group?

I am always looking for new ways to meet people in the community and talk about science. If you are a teacher or educator in the Ithaca area or in Orange County or Kern County, CA and are interested in bringing hands-on scientific activities to your group, please contact me. I especially love getting students excited about plants and pollination, but I have activities available for many subjects and fields.